Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular treatment.

It is used very successfully as a way of lightening and brightening your teeth safely, and with added bonus that the teeth do not need to be cut down as they would with crowns or veneers.

The 'home whitening' treatment is when you do the whitening treatment at home as instructed by the dentist. It involves being provided with custom-made whitening trays made from a mould (impression) taken by your dentist. These trays are very thin and close fitting. Like gum shields they fit over your teeth. You are then given the whitening gel for you to use at home in the trays (usually during sleep). The treatment is supervised by your dentist and several review appointments will be needed to check progress.

The 'in-surgery whitening' treatment is done by the dentist in the surgery. The dentist applies the whitening gel directly on the teeth and uses a light to enhance the whitening affects of the gel.

A combination of both techniques can be used to give a long lasting whitening affect.